Sound of
the future

Ghostel are an American rock band comprised of lead singer Bryce Buckmaster (r.i.p) and others, et al. Buckmaster's afflicted (opium, ballet.) Ghostel subsist chiefly on Espresso and heartache. Their joy is brittle. Hence the blurred time signature tears that announce a coming kindness. The rhythm section was born under Bells of Ireland, quietly. Producer/Drummer Dangerous Knowles is a former champion pig wrangler (Ghostel is an anagram of "Let's Hog!" a childhood catchphrase learned from his uncle Taggart, wino. He is square-lipped like certain Rhinoceros. Minus romance. Ghostel's drums are likewise wilderness. Ghostel come equipped with poets of guitar, some of outlandish curvature, spine and psyche. They are, all of them, a shot in the dark. Ghostel, imagine. Their debut album is the first one.